10 Best potato vodkas to try out in 2019

10 Best potato vodkas to try out in 2019

Many types of vodkas are available in the market and are made up of a variety of ingredients like rye, wheat, corn, potatoes, etc. Let’s see how to make potato vodka. The base ingredient of making vodka is spirit. When potatoes are mixed, the give excellent flavor. People who love to drink vodka must try the potato one as it is very tasty.

Vodka is produced by heating the potatoes and mashing them. Then enzymes are added and the mixture is heated again. This mixture is distilled many times to get the spirit. Add water to dilute the mixture and fill it in bottles. There are many brands who sell different types of potato vodka and some of them have been described here.


This is one of the best potato vodkas that is manufactured in Poland. The product was launched in 1992 and has gained much popularity. The drink is produced by using local potatoes. The vodka also contains the taste of vanilla. It is a vicious and creamy liquid and provides a good flavor to the people.

Boyd and Blair

This product is manufactured in Pennsylvania. The distillation process is carried out to make vodka of the old world. The drink is made by using the local potatoes. The mixture is distilled many times to provide excellent taste. The taste includes vanilla essence and mineral water. The texture of the drink is creamy. People can also use vodka to make cocktails.

Murlarkey Divine Clarity

This vodka is manufactured in Virginia. This vodka has won a gold medal because of its clarity. This vodka is distilled sixteen times in order to bring awesome taste. It is then filtered by charcoal. The distillation process brings smooth taste. This is a perfect blend for a cocktail.

Karlsson’s Gold

This vodka is manufactured in Sweden. The drink is developed by using local potatoes and seven varieties are used to make this vodka. All the varieties of potatoes are distilled separately for a single time. Then these potatoes are mixed without filtering. Cocoa and chocolate are mixed to give it a good taste. The final product is mixed with chocolate and pepper to give it a bittersweet taste. People can drink it in a cocktail or can drink neat.


This is another vodka manufactured in Poland. The drink is available at a low cost and its preparation is also very easy. It is distilled three times and filtered by using charcoal. The appearance if the drink is crystal clear and cocoa is also mixed to enhance the taste.


This potato vodka is manufactured in Norway. The water used in this vodka is extracted from the Jostedal Glacier. This water naturally pure and us better than spring and mineral water. There are some bitter flavors included in this vodka but still, people love to drink it. People will; also find the same taste in a cocktail. If this vodka is included in fruity cocktails, it will taste well.


This vodka is manufactured in America and russet potatoes are used to make it. The water of the Aquifer River is used. Other ingredients used in this drink are vanilla, lemon, and pepper. Canadian charcoal is used to distill the ingredients. People can either drink it neat or can make cocktails.


This vodka is also developed in Poland. The drink is prepared by distilling the ingredients three times. It is then packaged in a glass bottle. When people will bring it near to their nose, they will feel the smell of ethanol. Other smells include caramel and berry. The texture of the drink is creamy and the taste is sweet.

Born and Bred

This vodka is manufactured in USA and Idaho potatoes are used for manufacturing. Other ingredients used are pineapple and banana. It has a bitter and spicy taste and can be used in making cocktails.

Woody Creek Colorado Vodka

The company has it’s in distilling farm in the USA and the drink is developed from stobrawa potato. Since the potatoes are taken out from the farm, so all the flavors of the potatoes are preserved. The taste includes vanilla essence and has a creamy texture.

Final Conclusion

These are some of the popular vodkas developed in different countries with different kinds of potatoes. Some have a sweet taste and some are bitter but still, people like to drink it.

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