Heinz BBQ Sauces Review

Heinz BBQ Sauces Review

Barbeque food is loved across the world and it has always been an interest of foodies. This American style has now become a worldwide choice and cuisine.

Who doesn’t love the marinated food cooked on wood charcoal and full of the delicious BBQ sauces? We can’t thank America enough for this delicacy. People are so fanaticized of the taste that the sauces used in Barbeques have a huge market today.

A lot of companies are there that make authentic and traditional BBQ sauces and we really can’t keep calm when it comes to our favorite sauces. There are varieties of sauces that are available in the market, majorly categorized on the basis of their key ingredient. There are Tomato based, Mustard based, vinegar based and mayonnaise-based BBQ sauces and all these sauces are just mouthwatering. These varieties of flavors make barbeque to be favorite for one and all.

There are so many brands that make amazing sauces that we can’t resist but try. Bull’s-Eye Original, Sweet Baby Ray’s Original and Trader Joe’s Kansas City BBQ Sauce are some of our favorite companies for these sauces.

The Heinz BBQ sauces… Really?

Now, there is an old but new competitor in the market of BBQ sauces. Yes! The Heinz is now trying to get itself in this market and we are not sure why?

Heinz is a brand that has been associated with ketchup for decades. It looks like they make premium ketchup; maybe that’s why the price is high. However, we are not sure how much do you love them or just buy them because they look and cost precious.

        Heinz has expanded the product range to the yellow mustard recently, now they are back with a new range of authentic BBQ sauces. This range is getting much criticism than applauds for its taste and the flavors. We are not sure how many of you gonna love it, but yes! This does not even look and feels like trying. We already don’t like them for their expensive ketchup and we don’t know why they are into BBQs Now?

Are they not making enough money from their ketchup? Maybe they don’t know what is the market flow of their ketchup and if people will still like their new product. Heinz has teamed up with top pitmaster, thinking that it will make people love their sauces for the traditional and authentic taste they claim. Really? No, getting teamed up with a brand is not going to work when your ketchup is already overrated. Also, we have many brands that are real BBQ sauce manufacturers and not just a ketchup company that is trying to increase its sale with new products when old are already not doing well.

Heinz has introduced five flavors that are named after American city and states. One among them is classic and it claimed to be the blend of all the taste across America. They have Memphis Sweet & Spicy, Heinz Classic Sweet and Thick sauces, Texas Bold and Spicy, Carolina Tangy Vinegar, and Kansas City Sweet and Smoky.

All these flavors are claimed to be very much suitable for Barbeques but we don’t feel like trying as we are done having their ketchup already. Heinz has also introduced a sample pack of four of its flavors, Kansas City, Memphis, Texas and Carolina sauces. However, we don’t understand how a ketchup company is claiming to make the authenticity of different regions of America. Wait… It’s not your forte Heinz! Let the real companies make them and if you still want to get into BBQ, please get us a plain BBQ as more than this is not acceptable from a ketchup company.

Final Words:

We are not sure of your love for Heinz but we are sure that if you want to barbeque, you have delicious options in the grocery store, so you don’t need to opt for this overrated company and its products. Heinz could not make its way to ketchup industry being there for decades, then how can we expect them to make the real and authentic BBQs?

After all, teaming up with top pitmasters won’t work, as we know Heinz already.

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