How to make vodka

How to make vodka

Vodka is a spirit, which is manufactured by using potatoes, grains, sugars, and many other materials. Best Potato Vodka can be made at home and in factories also. If it is being manufactured at home, the maker should be cautious about taking out methanol as it is fatal. In some countries like Australia and the US, distilling vodka at home is illegal. In other countries, people have to get a license to distill alcohol. In this article, we will see how to make vodka.

Collect the ingredients

The main ingredients used to make vodka are potatoes, rye, barley, corn, etc. Sugar and molasses can be used as the main ingredient or can be added to the other ingredients. People should make a mash if potatoes or grains are being used. The ash should include active enzymes to react with the starch and convert it into sugars. Enzymes also break down these sugars to produce alcohol. Add additional enzymes if needed.

Making a mash

Wheat is used to making a mash. People can use 23 liters of water in which 7.6 liters of wheat is added. The mixture should be heated at above 150 degrees. After that, cool the mixture for 90 minutes. If potatoes are being used, they should be boiled with their skin and then they can be mashed.


The utensils in which fermentation is to be done should be cleaned and sanitized. These utensils should be sealed to prevent cross-contamination. The whole process of fermentation takes three to five days to complete. F the fermentation has been conducted in utensils that are not fully cleaned; the alcohol will have various kinds of flavors.

The fermentation should be done through airlock mechanism in which carbon dioxide can be filtered out but the entry of oxygen is prevented. Now put the mash into the fermenting vessel by straining it. Add yeast to the mash. Add the sugar solution and aerate it by pouring it out from a distance.

Column Still

Column stills are good for distillation. In this device, the water is circulated in the sealed compartment. In order to circulate the water, the device is attached to a mechanical pump. If circulating is not done, then a large amount of water will be used for distillation.

Distill the alcohol

The column still will heat the mash. The temperature of heating the mash should be greater than the boiling point of alcohol and less than that of boiling point. The mash should be heated until the distillation process starts. When the mash starts heating alcohol vaporizes along with other material and then cooled down in a water-cooled area.

Heads are called the first distilled liquid and are full of it should be discarded. The distilled liquid is ethanol that can be consumed. This liquid is called the body or heart.


The distilled liquid should be filtered through activated carbon filters and then diluted by water. After filtration, the liquid can be bottled.

Wrapping Up

This is the full process of making vodka. People can make vodka at home easily. This process can also be done in factories to manufacture vodka.

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