KFC Finger licking good sauce and other KFC items

KFC Finger licking good sauce and other KFC items

People love to have sauces with different dishes. KFC also provides different types of sauces with its vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. The dishes with which sauces are served include chicken thighs, breast, drumsticks, etc. A perfect sauce is good with the dish. Here are some of the sauces, which are served in the KFC.

Buttermilk Ranch Dressing

This sauce consists of garlic flavor along with some herbs. The taste of the sauce is more like mayonnaise. If people will use this sauce with a dish, they will find an amazing taste and will love it. The sauce is good with non-veg dishes.

Honey Mustard

This sauce is very tasty and has a brown color. The sauce tastes good with many snacks. The flavor of the sauce is sweet because of the presence of honey.

Finger-Licking’ Good Sauce

There are eleven herbs and spices included in this sauce. The color of this sauce is light brown and has a sweet taste. The sauce also has the taste of a pickle. This spicy sauce tastes well with fried chicken.

Sweet N Tangy

This is a sweet and sour sauce, which is good with chicken nuggets. The sauce is sweet in taste and also has a spicy taste.

Creamy Buffalo

The rank of this sauce is high because of the presence of vinegar. The sauce has a creamy texture and spicy taste.

Summertime BBQ Sauce

This is the tastiest sauce of KFC. The sauce has a smoky taste along with the taste of tomato and spices. This sauce can be too sweet for some people but still, it is very palatable.

Popcorn Chicken and Finger-Licking’ Sauce

Now we will see how to make bit these dishes.

The ingredients for popcorn chicken are as follows:

·         Chicken breast

·         Flour

·         Eleven herbs and spices

·         One egg

·         Half cup milk

Ingredients for sauce are as follows:

·         Half cup mayonnaise

·         Two Tbsp Honey Mustard

·         Two tsp Tomato Paste

·         Two tsp Sugar

·         One tsp 11 Herbs & Spices Blend

·         One tsp Dehydrated Minced Onions

·         One tsp Pickle Juice

·         One tsp White Vinegar

·         Half tsp Dried Mustard


1.   Put the eleven herbs and spices in a bowl.

2.   Combine all the ingredients of the sauce and keep it in a refrigerator to cool them.

3.   Cut the chicken breast into cubes, which can be of the shape of popcorns.

4.   Beat one egg and add a half cup of milk along with eleven herbs and spices.

5.   Add chicken cubes to the egg, spices, and milk mixture and refrigerate it.

6.   Take two cups of flour and mix eleven herbs and spices in it. Now make the batter and keep it in a paper bag.

7.   Add chicken into the batter and shake it.

8.   Deep fry the coated chicken for four to five minutes.

9.   Now serve the chicken with the sauce.

The finger-licking’ sauce is perfect with any kind of fast food whether veg or non-veg.

Other items of KFC

There are many other popular items of KFC, which are as follows.

Crispy Colonel Sandwich

This crispy sandwich is liked by many people as the condiments used are mayonnaise and pickles. This is one of the best items, which is consumed on a large basis.

Original Recipe Chicken Bucket

This is one if the favorite eatable of the JKFC lovers. There are eleven herbs, which are used to season the chicken. There are eight to sixteen pieces in the bucket and people can order them as per their taste.

Chicken Popcorn

This is a very crunchy dish, which is deep fried by dipping the marinated chicken into the bread crumbs. This is a side dish, which is served with the main one. The dish is served with barbecue sauce.

Kentucky Grilled Chicken

This grilled chicken is favorite for those who love to eat grilled items. People will also find grill marks in the final product. The chicken is marinated before kept in the oven for grilling.

Bottom Line

These are the dishes and the sauces that are served in KFC. Besides these many other sauces are also available which is served with many kinds of dishes.

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